domingo, 9 de setembro de 2007

I have read that book yesterday

Is there anything wrong in this sentence?
This is a simple sentence and tense used is present perfect.
In fact, I asked a few of my friends who are fairly good in English conversation and writing. They found nothing wrong in the usage.
But there’s something wrong here.
While using present perfect tense (have read), the sentence could be
I have already read that book or
I have read that book
It can never be “I have read that book yesterday.”
The past time adverb (yesterday, last week etc.) cannot be placed along with present perfect tense.
If the time needs to be specified, past simple is the option.
I read that book yesterday.
I met him last week.
I have already seen him. (I have seen him last week –incorrect)
We haven’t seen Tom for a long time - Correct (for a long time is not a past time adverb)
Past simple and present perfect are two different ways in English to talk about an event in the past.
The past simple suggests “then” or “at that time”.
The present perfect suggests “up to now” or “before now”
Hope these two usages are clear.Fonte :

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