quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2007

With reference to the subject cited above……

Many of us are adequately experienced officials. We have been working for years. We changed according to time. Nobody would have thought a few years ago that you would be today’s you.
But we have not changed a bit in the way we write. Official letters are materials of concern.
A colonial shade is seen although.
Please look at the way we write.
Respected sir,
Written by a select few to show that they are filled with respect and the respect would earn them a big fortune. 'Sir' is more than enough in an official letter.
Sub: Purchase of fertilizer -regarding
I never understood the relevance of 'regarding' in the subject ilne . We write only regarding the purchase in the text. "Purchase of fertilizer" on its own forms a decent subject.
With reference to the subject cited above………
Ninety-nine per cent is obsessed with this nauseating jargon which means nothing. We don’t write anything in the text of the letter which has no reference or relevance to the subject. We need to find a creative way to start our letter.
Kindly find enclosed herewith
Where else can we enclose?
"Please find enclosed" appears much better.

Have you not observed these tiny wonders?
Come on, please don’t turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to your surroundings.

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