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The Kingdom Animalia

A hippopotamus can run faster than a man can.

A honey bee must tap two million flowers to make one pound of honey. It travels about 43,000 miles to gather that one pound. A pound of honey consists of 29,184 drops.

A honeybee can fly at fifteen miles per hour.

A horse can sleep standing up.

A Horse has 18 more bones than a Human

A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside.

A hedgehog's heart beats 190 times a minute on average and drops to only 20 beats per minute during hibernation.

A grasshopper needs a minimum temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit in order to be able to hop.

A giant squid has eyes that can grow up to 20 inches in diameter. (Now think of how big your computer screen is)

A giraffe and rat can go longer without water than a camel can.

A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue. i know some people who can do some amazing stuff too.

A goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds.

A flea can jump 350 times is own body length. (equivalent to you jumping the length of a soccer field)

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Conversing Birds

Don't these birds look exactly as if they are having an animated discussion???

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone!

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Quote 12

"Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died. "
-Erma BombeckFonte: http://healthquotations.blogspot.com